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The Most Updated Channels for Developers on Youtube

Accel Maeshiro
Fun coding
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This is my first post on so probably is not gonna be as good, I'll try my best. Anyway my post is to share which are the best YouTube channels that I thing might have the biggest impact on beginners and also veterans who want to keep on the continuous evolution of trends on software development.

I for myself have start updating myself just recently, I would say about six months ago, trying to get on the trending train of technologies like Vue.js, MongoDB, Node.js, Firebase in my case. But is still so hard to keep up to date, especially with all these stuff starting to take momentum, technologies like PWA, Typescript, Svelte, Components, Hooks, Reactive Programming.

There are a few techniques I have been trying so far and one of those is to go with one tutorial on one of this technologies everyday and upload it on GitHub. Even tho sometimes my brain is foggy and can't understand some parts of it, I just go through and finish it, assuming that little by little, small chunks of coding syntax are going sink in.

For that I base my daily nano proyect on one video each day and the video I choose each day varies between the channels I'm about to mention. Going straight to the main topic, this are the YouTube channels I would absolutely recommend. This are channels that are continuously uploading new content, have a very clear and concise way to explain coding concepts, and are keeping up to latest trends.

Traversy Media. by Brad Traversy

I consider Brad's channel my personal favorite, even tho some people have told me that Brad doesn't bother to go deeper on his explanations anymore, in the terms of "why is this being implemented or what does this does". But it just happened that they confused more advanced videos for begginer's tutorial. To my experience he is very complete and the way he explain things. For me it boils down to how Brad have this way to make you feel very comfortable throughout his videos. I like to have that feeling while learning code.

Academind. by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Maximilian is an absolute genius when it comes to teaching, so far I have find his YouTube videos and especially his paid courses beyond my expectations. This guy goes to the absolute depths of foundation to make a future developer understand each concept. The highest level of technical knowledge comes from Maximilian.

The Net Ninja. by Shaun Pelling

Shaun is an amazing and very experienced coding mentor, one cannot help but to feel like having one of your own group of friends is guiding you throughout the whole process of learning. It has the best of both worlds, good friendly feeling and good advance knowledge through the whole learning process.

Based on this, feel free to start taking some baby extra steps towards your goal. I hope this can further help other fellow developers. It's a relieve to have actually taken the step to do this. I hope I can find more ways to help the developer community in the near future, I know I'm very thankful for all the contributions I see everyday from everyone of you guys. Happy coding.

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Brad Traversy

Thanks for the mention. I try to go in depth on crash courses, however for something like say the Easy Peasy state management video, I assume people know the fundamentals of React and state management, I am just introducing a library and syntax.

I didn't know people thought that. Guess I have some things to think about

accel33 profile image
Accel Maeshiro Author

I'm really sorry Mr. Brad, it makes a lot of sense now that you explain it that way. I think I made a mistake in agreeing with the remark my friends had. As you said, I was only referring to the Easy Peassy when I was trying to see if they were right. Your videos have help a lot in my developer growth by the way. It's good to finally able to say thanks personally.

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Ken Bellows

Man I'm super behind on my tech youtube game! Thanks a lot for this list, I'd heard of Traversy, but hadn't come across the other two. Thanks!

accel33 profile image
Accel Maeshiro Author

Happy to know this helped you man!

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Mario DeLaPaz

I'm taking a paid course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and definitely like his teaching style, I didn't know he had a YT Channel! I heard about Traversy but haven't heard of The Net Ninja. by Shaun Pelling. Thanks for sharing!

accel33 profile image
Accel Maeshiro Author

Glad to hear that! Hope you find Shaun's videos useful, there are very complete series there for React Hooks and Vuetify

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Rémi Mercier

Maximilian is a great teacher! Loved is Vue.js course!

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Ricardo Moreira

Nice first post :) I also follow among others, the free code camp channel and the level up tutorials from Scott Tolinski. He also has theSyntax podcast