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A hassle free URL shortner.

This is a simple responsive URL shortener that I made for Halolegion inductions. You can use it and make it yours by changing things and colours to your style and liking! I made it with a lot of hard work, love and of course with code :) I'm not a professional coder, but I tried my best to make it look cool and yet still keep it simple. While working with JS I got many errors, but thanks to Youtube Tutorials for helping me fix them. Also thanks to Utkarsh for some hosting support :D.You can view my GitHub repo at or watch it live at

Mistakes are proof that we are trying!

I learned so much while making this template, if you use it, please let me know. I would love to see how amazing people can make it! I hope you'll like it!

I have used:

  • exspressjs for markup
  • Bootstrap CDN for styling
  • A lot of JS for building the server and stuff
  • Shortid for generating codes for short URLs
  • Nodemon for development

You can add more things to make it even cooler! The comments in the code will help you navigate through it. Have a nice day! :D

Languages and services used :

css html5 node.js javascript expressjs MongoDB heroku

Social and Public Posts: Medium Discord Instagram heroku Twitter Reddit

If you find some bugs or have some suggestions fell free add your issue.

Thank you.

Made for HALO

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