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My own journey (Part 3)

The last days of school

The last two semesters were really draining to be honest. I had put a lot of effort to keep my grades healthy, and was doing my best to contribute meaningful work on my internship.

I was also expecting my second baby and my life felt like it was upside down at times 😅. But I have to recognize that life has treated me well even if I had my struggles and I am so very grateful for it. I've been surrounded of amazing and uplifting family and friends who have pushed me forward ever since I was a kid. I love my family from when I was a kid 😁.

I mentioned before I worked with someone who eventually became my friend. He contacted me on the phone while I was on my last semester at school and asked what I wanted to do after I finished.

My first official job

So I said I didn't really have a plan. Microsoft would have come to a recruiting session to one of the Campus months prior, but I didn't quite pass the initial test; also another company that looked awesome and that I contacted during a job fair organized by the school had reached out but I didn't get in either.

So, back to the phone call: my friend asked me if I was interested in interviewing with the company he was working with because they were looking for new hires.

I accepted, got hired and 2 weeks before I graduated I had a job!!!

This was a huge relief to my newly created family and we had the opportunity to have a not-so-bad start. Life was weird for me because I felt like I went from "one of the children of the household" to "the person responsible to feed other people" all of a sudden, but there was I.

The job was really good actually. The perks were good, the pay was more than I originally asked for and I was learning a ton of things about something called Microsoft Dynamics AX at the time. So learning X++ and a little bit of .NET with C# was part of my daily routine. I would also help here and there with IT support, but there was a team dedicated to that and I was part of a development focused team.

This was a really nice place to be, actually. And I am very grateful to have had that opportunity to work and learn and especially meeting more friends that I still talk to and joke about our adventures with the AX migration and the rest of the people in the office. Good times!

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