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Axel Martínez

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My own journey (Part 4)

But I always wanted to do something different...

And this is the reason why I kept studying on the evenings and on weekends.

I had a lot of interest in Web Development since my school days and mainly because of all those Flash sites I mentioned already.

A couple friends and I worked on an AngularJS application for a school project and I enjoyed it a lot. Learning about the existence of AngularJS was a big deal to me.

The automatic (two way) binding, the structure it gave to the code and the potential it had at the time was something I was looking forward to dive more into and to investigate further.

So yeah, AX by day and AngularJS / Meteor / MongoDB / pretty much anything Web Dev related by night.

And then one day...

I got an email or something from an open position because I left my notifications turned on for a job board I was subscribed to.

I vaguely remember at this point the details, but the job had to do with web dev and that was good enough for me. So I applied and got an answer from the recruiter saying that they'd move my application to a sibling company that required English speaking personnel.

Enter iTexico

So we got on the phone a few days later, and had a really smooth screening interview, where my English was put to test and some other questions that I honestly don't remember were asked too.

For the next call it was my knowledge (mostly academic if you will) on AngularJS that kept me in the process I would say. I was interviewed over the phone and lucky for me the idea was to hire someone who knew the technology, about software development in general and was able to speak English.

At this point I wasn't quite sure how the entire Nearshore business worked to tell the truth, and I just kept interviewing out of curiosity.

The next call was via Skype, with the client for the company that I was applying for. But this one didn't go so well. I think they were expecting someone with more experience in the field and who knew their JS very well.

Lucky for me, there was another client of theirs who would like to talk to me, because they had a similar position open.

Are you sure you want to change paths?

That was one of his questions, my interviewer wanted to make sure I really wanted to change my ERP path and experience for something as different as Web Dev could be.

I said yes, and I will be forever grateful to him because he is the reason I was able to push my life forward in a lot of ways. I have no idea where I would be at this point in my career if it wasn't for having been given the benefit of the doubt.

Welcome aboard!

I enjoyed my previous job a lot, but I always wanted to work on other kinds of projects and this seemed like a good place to work at.

My wife and I visited the offices to see what it was like, and also got to talk to one of the co-founders of the company. It all seemed like a good decision for us.

The only catch

It was in a different city, a few hours from where we lived and I definitely could not take the whole family with me from the get go.

So, I spent the first year at the new company going back to visit the family every weekend with the exception of one or two.

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