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Gendoc | PDF Document Generation as a Service

Origin of the idea

Having worked for a few years on different kinds of projects made me learn something: Generating PDFs is hard. Whether you would like to build them for invoices, quotes, sales presentations, or custom documents, that's not a simple thing.

PDF generation requires complex infrastructure, can consume a lot of resources, and does not always render as you expect.

Facing those problems made me build Gendoc: a simple API to generate beautiful PDF documents.

How does it work?

For its basics, Gendoc is just a simple HTML to PDF rendering API.
Call our systems with an HTML document, and, we will make your PDF.

But, that's not all. To lessen the work of making HTML compatible for generating PDF documents, we've added:

  • the possibility to inject variables, and perform computations, directly from your HTML (using handlebars templating engine)
  • a set of advanced CSS rules (such as paged media queries), that will allow you to build great-looking documents, using headers, footers, page counts and more, and ensure that they will look the same as what you build locally

With Gendoc, say goodbye to all the manual work of tweaking your HTML, and selecting a PDF rendering engine. Just create, and send us your documents, we will do the rest.

How can I try it?

Our tool is freely accessible at

Feel free to have a look, and discover how you can add beautiful documents in your product, in your sales process, or elsewhere.

We've also got an API, which is documented at

Want to know more? Get in touch with us at

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