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Is there some great tools you know?

Maxime Guilbert
Just a dev who touches a lot of things and wants to share his experiences. (or just want to note somewhere things to don't forget)
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Today, I'm a quite bit curious. Do you know some cool tools, frameworks... ? (for devops, backend, frontend...)

I'm already regularly checking new tools, new releases... but I'm quite sure there is a lot of cool underground projects which only wait to be shared! It can be one of yours, from a friend...

So if you have one, please share it and if you want, explain why it's a good tool!

Thanks and have a nice day :)

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V lang, it's an interesting programming language that's looking to combine some ideas from Go, Rust, C, and some others. The main compilation target right now C, so your code can be compiled to a standalone executable.

It's still in a alpha/beta phase of development but I think they have made good progress so far.

I found out they have a module in the standard library to create command line tools... and it's really nice. Manage to create a little helper tool for myself in a very short amount of time. Would definitely recommend taking a look at V.

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Maxime Guilbert Author

Really cool! Thanks!
I will try later :)