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Develop a React Component using create-react-library template

In this article, I would like to document how I created a React component and published it.

Table of Contents


  1. Install required libraries

    npm install react react-dom
    npm install yarn
  2. Register a free account in npm, Inc.


  1. Use the create-react-library to create a template

    npm install -g create-react-library && create-react-library

    Answer to questions:

    Package Name reactjs-tabbedpane-component

    Package Description A tabbed pane component using React.js

    Author's GitHub Handle adafycheng

    GitHub Repo Path adafycheng/reactjs-tabbedpane-component

    License MIT

    Package Manager yarn

    Template default

  2. Modify src/index.js

    import React from 'react'
    import styles from './styles.module.scss'
    import $ from 'jquery'
    const TabbedPaneComponent = ({ data }) => {
      $(function () {
      // read the input JSON content
        if (data !== undefined) {
          for (let i = 0; i < data.contents.length; i++) {
            const newDiv = $('<div class=' + styles.navbar + '></div>')
            const newAnchor = $('<a class="paneLink"></a>')
              .attr('data-text', data.contents[i].text)
   () {
          if (data.contents.length > 0) {
            // Get the first link and click.
      return (
        <div id='pane' className={styles.pane}>
          <div id='navbarDiv' />
          <div id='paneContentDiv' className={styles.paneContent} />
    export default TabbedPaneComponent
  3. Modify example/src/App.js for testing

    import React from 'react'
    import TabbedPaneComponent from 'reactjs-tabbedpane-component'
    import 'reactjs-tabbedpane-component/dist/index.css'
    const contentData = {
      contents: [
          subject: 'Overview',
          text: 'This is content of <a href="#">Overview</a>.'
          subject: 'Assumptions',
          text: '<ul><li>Assumption 1</li><li>Assumption 2</li><li>Assumption 3</li><li>Assumption 4</li></ul>'
          subject: 'Technical Design',
          text: 'This is content of Technical Design.'
          subject: 'Data Design',
          text: 'This is content of Data Design.'
          subject: 'Conclusion',
          text: 'This is content of Conclusion.'
    const App = () => {
      return <TabbedPaneComponent data={contentData} />
    export default App
  4. To test,

    In one terminal,

    cd reactjs-tabbedpane-component && yarn start

    In another terminal,

    cd reactjs-tabbedpane-component/example && yarn start

    View the component using browser at http://localhost:3000/.

  5. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for any code changes.

  6. To publish, update package.json for versions.

      "name": "reactjs-tabbedpane-component",
      "version": "1.0.8",
      "description": "A tabbed pane component built using React.js",
      "author": "adafycheng",
      "license": "MIT",
      "repository": "adafycheng/reactjs-tabbedpane-component",
      "main": "dist/index.js",
      "module": "dist/index.modern.js",
      "source": "src/index.js"
  7. Build the component.

    npm run build
  8. Publish the component.

    npm publish


  1. Create React App
  2. Source code in GitHub
  3. Published component

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Seems the tool this article relies on is no longer supported.