Anyone looking for a new side-gig? - Developers assemble!

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Before we start, I am a regular blogger here, not fishing. πŸ€–
Instructions to join at the end of the post.

I have an idea and I wonder if anyone wanted to work on something related to the e-commerce space, Initially it will be a cool project for your resume and if it takes off, we can talk about partnering and starting up.

The backstory

My partner was chatting with me in the kitchen the other night, as we know the best ideas come from the kitchen! She told me about how she wants to setup a shop. She said, what about the made to order strategy.
Normally I think that made to order is for the realms of etsy, It doesn't scale... but hang on why doesn't it scale in the age of scale?
I know why and I'd love to tell you more!

But let's get my credentials out of the way first.
Why work with me? I love great technology, I love to learn and build cool things but that is not enough.
I worked on Dyson's global public facing websites internally for a couple of years and In that time, I found out what was a pain in the ass to build and maintain. One aspect which I cant reveal here. This one thing, it can be turned into a service.

Roughly what are we creating:

  • A scaleable, marketable service
  • Enhancing a portion of a typical e-commerce journey and allowing for integration and theming
  • A way to make your shopping experience more immersive and engaging
  • Bringing a new experience to shoppers worldwide

Questions and Veige answers

Does this thing exist already in the wild?

Yes and no. No this is not a Shopify clone, it is out of scope for them. It's something that does already exist that some companies do make for their websites but its usually quite low on the priority list and tends to never work amazingly, or its outsourced to an agency, or its full of bugs and takes up a lot of time, its also a really cool and creative thing to build and can be wrapped up into a templated form and sold.

Will it be open source?

I strongly believe in free software for those who cannot spare the expense, so for small business yes this will be free to use. And yes there will be an aspect of open source to some degree, but to core engine will remain closed.

Your skills will shape this

If you like the sound of any of the following, reach out an we can start something, even if it's a couple of hours a week (what Im doing).

  • 3D and Web game development
  • Kotlin / Rust web development
  • Typescript / JavaScript
  • State Machines and Actors
  • Dashboards
  • UX and UI Design
  • Accesible web
  • Internationalisation
  • Integrations design
  • Serverless

Sweet thanks for hearing me out. πŸ‘‹

How to join

Follow me on GH and drop me a message here that you want to join.

Update: πŸ₯³ looks like we are using svelte! A new experience for me, excited to learn something new!

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Adam Crockett


I work at ForgeRock as Staff UI Engineer, I play with all sorts really. Lately WASM is my toy of interest.


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If anyone is bookmaking because if interest? please instead, leave a comment, I can't see who bookmarked. πŸ”–


I like the sound of all of it πŸ˜€, but I think the only one I am proficient is JS/TS. Though I am currently experimenting with both rust and kotlin πŸ™‚.


Sometimes a limitation is a blessing, Mine is self imposed, I was a full stack developer now I am a Frontend UI engineer at work. so I'm just more focused on one thing over another which is absolutely fine.

As for Rust and Kotlin or whatever it ends up being. Im not sure which we will choose, or how many people will join this project. If it turns into 4+ I will have to create a discord server or something.
Il post the repo if you would like to join, there are a lot of issues being created to make decisions before a single line of code is put together.

Sounds good. But I must warn you that it may turn out that I don't have enough time to contribute. πŸ˜•

There is no expectations, if you fancy working on anything at any point over the next year then that's all good. I'm asking a lot of people already.

Even contributors for discussions on issues and code reviews is invaluable.



Its private so I guess if you cant request to join, just follow me on GH and I will add you.

I followed you, as I can't see a way request access. Github just pretends the repo doesn't exist πŸ™‚.

Welcome to the repo, its not much but its a start :D


Hi I'd be interested in joining. I'm a self-taught developer and only know JS but I have plenty of time and will to dedicate to learning different technology.


Invite sent to your github, thanks for taking part!


Hey Jenna, thanks for the interest, I will add you to the repository. It's still early days and no code committed, lots of planning going on though.


I'm a React junior developer but UI/UX also has a place in my heart. If I can be of some help, let me know


welcome aboard.


Il find your GH :)



I know JavaScript, Typescript and serverless.


welcome aboard.


Hey Stephen are you interested in joining or did you just find it interesting πŸ˜…


I am a React Developer.

Well I'm interested


So it's not React based, still deciding, are you still interested knowing that?