How to procrastinate

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett ・1 min read

I've wanted to write a portfolio for a while I'm playing the long game because I don't need one I want one. So naturally in my infinite wisdom I started using a framework that nobody else uses. Lit-element, then decided that the modern tooling wasn't geared towards Esmodules then ended up writing what Webpack should have been. And so I'm now writing didi, all so I can get back to my portfolio. Does anyone else have this same fascination with just writing stuff for the sake of it despite it being widely accepted as bad development practice?


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Me... I'm like sans, I work a bit, sleep, then go to a different "job". (in this case, project).


Everyone does that. If they say they aren't - then lying is their main mode of procrastination. ; )


It was as I suspected πŸ”. I think maybe I should keep focussing on didi because it shows great potential.


Yesterday I saw an article about procrastination. I think I'll read it tomorrow.


Meta procrastinating, wait does that mean your working in time, shame on you πŸ˜‚


Just got to get a community rolling for this first


... That will need a documentation website πŸ₯³

But hey at least I'm organizing the project, that helps.