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Jess update: preparing a community.

As some of you may know, I have started a new job, and so my time with Jess has been limited to a couple of hours each evening.

My focus has been preparing the main repo so that Jess could be released once it's in alpha.

Jess comprises of 3 repositories:

The main repo

For release artifacts and devtool chain. You probably won't clone this unless you want to develop it. But you can find cross platform binaries here for jess-cli.

GitHub logo adam-cyclones / Jess

Jess is a paradigm shifting framework for JavaScript and CSS, this repo contains the compiler and libjess. Jess aims to answer the CSS in JavaScript problem by turning it on it's head.

We don't have a logo yet, can you help


What do you get if you smash JavaScript and CSS together and give CSS the spotlight? Jess is the answer to CSS in JS by reversing the paradigm
Take a peek

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Building from source

Jess comprises of two primary technologies, Rust and Typescript, although we try to provide a portable tool-chain with less to install, there are one or two things you will need to download. These steps have been tested on a fresh MacBook (2019). It is unknown if windows or linux OS's will be able to compile, PR's welcome but when I am able I will try to test more dev environments.

Special notes, Rust is constantly moving, it is safe to assume that at some point soon a new version in stable will release which will not require…


It doesn't do much on its own but contains the source to build the rust WASM binary and Typescript bindings, this library will be consumable by a variety of clients, from the cli to the browser client (yet to write)

GitHub logo adam-cyclones / lib-jess

(Node only) Web Assembly library with exposed bindings for interfacing with the Jess compiler


(Node only) Web Assembly library with exposed bindings for interfacing with the Jess compiler


This is the first client for lib-jess, it should initially output is in CSS and eventually just CSS or both. Currently it doesn't ship with the lib-jess binary so it doesn't do anything yet.

GitHub logo adam-cyclones / jess-cli

A cli client for lib-jess


A cli client for lib-jess

how to prepare for community?

Welcome mats, lots of welcome mats. I have been working on the administration of the main repository, I would like to make it hospitable for developers. That includes starting to record issues in projects. At this stage, Jess is pre alpha and really needs to work and also tests need to be created in core areas before I can get an alpha release. The most crucial thing for me at the moment is to nail the readme and start generating documentation.

Can you help?

The instructions are being put together on the main repository as we speak.
I need to put a code of conduct and contrib guidance together, after that we have the issues and plenty more where that came from, if you are interested in:

  • language design
  • Wasm
  • rust
  • the idea of typesafe CSS
  • the idea of js in CSS
  • vscode tooling
  • documentation drafting
  • writing debuggers
  • other

Come over and say hi, if you don't want to contribute, feedback is always welcome too and of course more issues.

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