No more hero's anymore.

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Is it a carousel, is it a massive title... Sorta yes. I'm board, really board with hero images. The image the size of your screen dominant and bold, it demands your attention... But so does everyone else's, what else is there?

Using a hero is so bold that it actually requires an arrow to tell your users that they can scroll down.

From the perspective of pretty looking, as effective and accessible I ask can you think of an alternative or statistics as to why I should use one? Images are greatly appreciated I am in need of some inspiration.

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I suppose it depends on what you're making... I'm no designer but I like sites that are minimalist and functional.

But suggestions will depend on what sort of website you're making... blog/ecommerce/portfolio etc?


OK - do you have enough content that you can fill the screen with a minimalist approach (navbar, maybe some "cards" that show your work, contact info etc)?

The worst thing you can do is have massive amounts of white space because you don't have enough content, it will make it look unfinished.

When looking for inspiration I like to search on Muzli, maybe you can find something on there?

Thanks for the tips, I certainly don't have the content at the moment so maybe I do need a hero of sorts. Muzli sounds interesting.


I also get bored with the same hero layout you see everywhere, and I avoid slideshows whenever possible because they're so hard to make accessible. I did a variation on both with one posterized feature/image, and the smaller features in an overlaid grid - it might be useful if you don't have a ton of content to feature:

A poster-sized feature story with 3 overlaid sub-features stacked to the right


They are there for the feels, and as a call to action i believe.
Which could be why they often feature a link or button.

Incidentally it is also why they usually only belong on landing/home -pages imho.

From a user story perspective i assume' they are quite effective,
why else would we use them as much?


Yeah perhaps I shoud just put my own spin on one.

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