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The day in the life of a new consultant

I am at my core a developer, always have been, always will be, my role at ForgeRock, a company largely focused on identity management, is the only one of its kind, I am, 🥁 a "web development consultant" which means,due to popular demand, I am the JavaScript guy.

What we do is so vast, it's often said that you would take 10 years to learn all of ForgeRock inner workings, and I think it's true, people frequently stay for years and they are happy too, we are a family and I am glad of that, family values means that I can maintain my complex home life with the work life.

"What do I do?" No seriously, that's a question I ask myself almost hourly, I mentioned the complexity, well, I may have a customer call coming up, so I tend to swat up, but I'm not a big reader, experience goes a long way so I ask around, the solution may have already been found.. so ask, ask until your blue in the face, if your team is truly a team, they will be more than happy to help.

"What do I know?", Being an ex developer means that I have worked on some of the features I now tell customers about.. for better or worse, that can have some advantages. I landed this role because like everything I have done so far has been to go above and beyond, dive into anything, make opportunities and emmerse myself in every aspect of the business, it's a little overwhelming but it's okay to be.

"What do I like about my job", I see lots of different frontend projects wrote by other companies, that means, I have to know React, Angular and Vue and vanilla, I will switch all day which is really fun. our customers make decisions that are often cool to observe, I learn some good tricks too.

"Do I develop?", yes, oddly enough I do inovate and am designing a bunch of SDLC tooling so everyone can extend our platform, launching that into the community will become a great source of inspiration.

"Can I talk to you" as a developer with introvert tendencies, I do tend to panic but I have learned to take charge of situations and appear confident just by talking slowly, calmly and taking my time, a lion doesn't rush to pounce and all that. Take your time.

In summary, I have so so much to learn, and sometimes I miss just being in a silo protected by managers but being a consultant is challenging and when I grew tiered of development on a sprint treadmill, this filled that need, and then some. Maybe consultancy is for you?

Adam 🤘

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