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Automatically prefix vendor description to Shopify products

I'm currently working on modifying a site that uses Shopify -- a great online e-commerce platform -- and have found that while at first the system seems a little restrictive, it is actually quite malleable once you get the hang of things. It's a bit hack n slash but with the right hacks, and a couple of slashes, it can actually work pretty well.

The following snippet loops through a list of collections a product belongs to, and if the collection if equal to the vendor of the product, it displays the vendors description.

{% comment %} 
    This will show the vendors description above the items
{% endcomment %}

{% for c in product.collections %}
    {% if c.title == product.vendor %}
        {{ c.description }}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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This is great when you want a brand logo to appear above all items of that brand, without doing it manually. Another trick I used was to make a smart collection that assigned all items with the Vendor name to be part of the smart collection of the same name.

An example would be a product whose vendor was Blackrock. A smart collection with the name Blackrock would contain all items with the vendor Blackrock, and the description of that smart collection could then also contain a brand image in the description. Adding the above code to the product.liquid page could get an automatic brand image above the product description, like so:


Easy, and effective.

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