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You may have missed these hidden DEV gems

There's so much amazing content here at that sometimes I see a great post get buried by all the other great posts before it has a chance to take off and collect all the unicorn emojis it truly deserves. So, I thought I'd take a minute and boost three awesome, under-emojied articles you may have missed:

1) The idea spawner

Jess Unrein shared some interesting thoughts about what the community might find engaging, which spawned a great discussion. One of Ben Halpern's comments suggested boosting with the #bestofdev tag, and well... here we are!

2) Notably quotable, and quotably notable

I've kept a quote list for many years, organized by author. After reading this article about carrying on, my list officially has a page for Carly Ho.

"Keep learning, and try not to lock yourself into the futures you can see yourself in now."


"[L]ike all hard things, carrying on gets easier with practice."

The whole post is just beautiful.

3) +12 for productivity tips

As a novelist, I'm always intrigued by the overlap between writing and software development. I'm also a fan of anything that uses RPG modifiers to really drive home a point. Ana Ulin wrote a great piece about staying motivated during National Novel Writing Month, and her advice applies to any long-term project.

What about you? Know a hidden gem? Boost it in the comments below!

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Xander • Edited

hi, I created a post about a hidden gem that inspired and keeps inspiring me. Maybe you can add it if you think it a gem too?