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The PowerPoint presentation is an essential communication-related skill to have as a technical writer, while you are preparing for a meeting, knowledge-sharing session, demo-session, or any formal event. Well-structured content in a PowerPoint presentation helps in significantly improving the content-flow and content-delivery. This blog helps you organize content for the PowerPoint presentations.

Start by dividing the content into three parts. They are;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Content Structure for an Introduction

  1. Define objective(s).
  2. Always set the plot for your presentation.
  3. Give a (welcome) introduction. An introduction paragraph should contain 100 words.

Overall, while you are writing a paragraph make sure you do not exceed 150 words with approximately 4-5 lines.

Content Structure for Body

  1. Define or list out all the relevant points.
  2. Support your relevant points with detailed arguments where necessary.

While working on your body section, if you are creating content for the audience, remember to break the paragraph after you write either 8-10 lines or exceed 150 words. For oral presentations, try to present maximum information through bullet points, with a sentence limited to 25 words.

Content Structure for Conclusion

Include the following;

  1. The main takeaways from the presentation.
  2. Scope of the content.
  3. Summary of the content.

In conclusion, use bullet points and limit a sentence to 25 words.

Some important points to consider;

  1. Always proof-read the content, complement the format, and follow the word limit.
  2. Use an aesthetic design such as; watermark or logo of your company. Avoid using watermark if it diverts the attention of your audience.
  3. Do not use a copyrighted image. In case you use one, provide an authentic reference to the source.

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