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Adi Sk
Adi Sk

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Thoughts on Site Monitoring tool - UpDown

Hi All, this is Adi again.

I wanted to talk about a tool I use on a daily basis to monitor my websites. The tool is UpDown, this is an online tool that offers a service to monitor a website's downtime.

Site up-time is something every client is concerned about and the quickest solution to get notified when a site is down, is to use a tool to continuously monitor a site using a tool like UpDown.

I was first introduced to UpDown by a client of mine who was monitoring their sites using it and right away I knew the ways it could help me and my clients. Below is a list of features I continue to use this tool.


  • Email, SMS and API alert
  • Very, very cheap - credit based
  • Ping from multiple locations
  • SSL Certificate Check
  • Can customize the HTTP request
  • Can check for custom response text
  • Check intervals ranging from 15 seconds to 1 hour
  • Custom status page for each website
  • Up to 6 months data retention
  • Detailed report for the past 24 hours

I know there are 100s of other alternates, I have tried a few of them but when compared to UpDown, none of those stand a chance. One other tool I recently tried was FreshPing by FreshDesk. This is a completely free to use for now, but it still lacks crucial features like Interval Check range, SSL Certificate check, Ping from multiple locations.

I have added a referral link to UpDown service, take a look if you are interested.


You can look into my service and my past projects at

Thank You

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