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The New porfolio: Github readme?

The Github released an new feature which makes your github profile look great. we can use markdown to edit too.


This new feature has all the potential to replace the portfolio,we need to wait how it turnout to be.

How to implement this

  1. Create an repository in same name as the github account with readme file.
  2. While creating this you will be notified as * you found a secret a special repository *, Also make sure repo is Public.

Most of the users are briging there creativity to make it look impressive,cool

Also you can add github stats,

Github stats

for this you just have to add belowline replace gitname to your github account name

[![gitName github stats](](

for more info on this please check out Anurag ghazra

Also you can also automate the readme toget your latest post check out gautam krishnar

Thanks for your time :)

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