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Inkscape: Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Hi, Everyone!
Aditya here,

Today I want to discuss a topic which is vector ART, when I start making websites I found that my vector images are not up to the mark. So, I take a deep breath and dive into the internet for the everlasting search for perfect illustration.

What I find:

  1. Interesting vector they are paid and sometimes cannot modify them as per requirement.
  2. The free alternative is sometimes bland and blurry.

now, what to do?

Answer : Make your own vector.πŸ’ͺ

How difficult it will be what I need is ms-paint.

Yes, That's what I thought πŸ˜…

Sorry, I was so wrong, do more google and, and the things escalate pretty quickly.


angry terry
So, today I will talk about A powerful, free design tool Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery.
Adobe Illustrator!! NO NO NO NO!! Not this One

πŸ‘‡ THIS ONE πŸ‘‡

Inkscape 🎊

Inkscape is a very competitive, free and open source tool to Adobe Illustrator. A powerful vector editor, Inkscape has flexible drawing tools, various file format compatibility, powerful text tools and support for Bezier and spiro curves. It supports advanced scalable vector graphics features like markets, clones and blending.
This definition is copied from a random website. But, It's correct.

😁Sorry, I am not good with definitions.πŸ‘

Now, what I liked in Inkscape:

  1. Easy.
  2. Works with windows, Mac and Linux .
  3. Editing svg with no watermark.
  4. Easy import/export svgs and images.
  5. Tracing illustration.
  6. Great for logo design.
  7. Absolutely FRREEE!!

But, But there is catch.
You have to learn it to how to use it, because it is quite powerful and it can perform very wonderful thing.

How to learn Inkscape?

Don't worry there are many tutorials you can find over the internet.

one channel I ❀️ is :

Logos By Nick

it is a great channel to learn Inkscape for beginners.

Also, I will be sharing what I learn by using Inksacpe but, next time.

Thank you
Sorry for any mistakes.
I hope this post is helpful for you guys.
Take care

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