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Host images for FREE on GitHub

Hosting images have always been a tricky part for me. Recently I got the opportunity to write a lot of documentations (ReadMe on GitHub). One thing which was constant with the files — screenshots.

A picture is worth 1000 words!

I prefer to add screenshots wherever necessary to be more precise about the steps to be followed. But taking a screenshot and then hosting it on a third party website was too much of a hassle. There were times when I wanted to host images on a free service and use it in apps I was developing. I decided to scratch my own itch and come to a definitive solution once and for all!

STEP 1: Take a screenshot

Now, this will work with any image. Screenshots are something I am taking as an example. There are two ways you can take a screenshot:

  1. Use the native Print Screen method for your OS

  2. If you are on a browser (Chrome/Firefox) you can use an extension called LightShot. With this tool, you can take and save parts of the screenshot i.e. crop the screenshot and save the important part!

STEP 2: Open a GitHub issue

Yes, you read it just right!

If you don’t have a GitHub account, then sign-up for a new account and create a simple repo. I’ll use my scalable-angular-folder-structure repo from my GitHub account.

*Click on **Issues***

Click on “Issues”.

After that, click on “New Issue”.

*Click on New Issue*

STEP 3: Host it!

Now if you are observant enough (or a observant freak like me), you’ll notice GitHub is giving an open invitation to host images for free!

The only thing you have to do is Drag and Drop any image/screenshot you want to host! Once you do that, GitHub will be kind enough to host the image/screenshot on its server and provide you with a link!

*Something like this…*

GitHub will give back something like:

![sample image](
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The link is between the “(“ and “)”.

I just hosted this image on GitHub and I can use the link anywhere! Check it out here.

STEP 4: Enjoy and forward this little hack!

So, that’s it. Host all your images for free. If you do like this, do share it with your colleagues in office and all your dev-friends!

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Rachit Khurana

There are a million better ways to host images, like imgur, tixte, upload systems, google photos, google drive, anonfiles etc.

vatsalsinghkv profile image
Vatsal Singh

should i submit the issue?