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How i succeeded with my team.

Today i'm writing my first post here to tell you how i succeeded and how you can succeed too! making your daily routine more productive you can achieve anything you have in mind.

It all started in the summer, 2 years ago, when i was writing an essay about continuous integration for the college with my best friend and university partner, he told me: "¡Hey!, ¿why don't we use your programming, writing and communication skills and my graphic design and marketing skills to let the world know that we want to make the change and deliver our own solutions in this digital era?" and that left me thinking for a while, so, i decided to listen to him and we started our brand new business: 'Digital Solutions Argentina', after thinking a lot for a name and a slogan, designing a logo and trying to stand out in social media, we finally did it! we had our initial business brand done, so, now what? and that was our blackout in the business world, we didn't knew what to do afterwards, so i started learning a lot about sales and marketing on my own and i was my own community manager, with all the work that i had to do plus this entrepreneurship i was totally exhausted, but that didn't stop me! i knew that i've put a lot of hard work into that so i didn't want to lose what i had already obtained, so i made myself a morning routine, a todo list for everyday of the week and a good work schedule that didn't made me lose time to finish my college assignments, and after all that here i am, we have a lot of work everyday, we did very good projects and right now we are about to do something bigger! so if i could you can too.

And that's about it, if you have something in your mind that you know it will change the world, just do it, fear is always with you but when you learn to overcome fear and enjoy what you are doing everything goes very well.

¿Do you have an entrepreneurship? tell me in the comments, have a good day/afternoon/night and thanks for reading my post, regards.

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