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Free Virtual Conferences You Should Attend

1 SharePoint Framework: Exploring developer toolchain Dec/03

Did you know that to fully understand the SharePoint Framework, you first need to master the toolchain that includes technologies such as Node.js, npm, Gulp, TypeScript, Webpack, Yeoman, Sass, and more? The SharePoint Framework toolchain is a set of tools, framework packages, and other elements that manage the building and deploying your client-side projects. Using SharePoint Framework (SPFx), developers can extend SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises, via web parts or extensions.

In this free webinar, your teams will gain foundational knowledge of the SharePoint Framework developer toolchain. You will learn how to write basic Node.js code; bundle images, CSS, and apps with Webpack; use Yeoman generators; and integrate TypeScript & Gulp.

2 All You Need to Know About ITIL® 4 Dec/08

Are you looking for systematic guidance that will enable your business to produce the best services possible, regardless of your industry, size, or capabilities, so that you can boost profits and improve business outcomes? ITIL® 4 is the latest version of the ITIL® framework, which is designed to help organizations meet the growing challenges of the present era’s complex digital environment.

This FREE webinar will teach your workforce the implementation of ITIL® 4, which will improve existing ITIL® processes and help in planning, maintaining, and delivering IT and management services for your organization.

3 How Dynamics 365 Revolutionized the Concept of CRM and ERP Dec/15

Did you know integrating your ERP and Dynamics CRM systems can transform your business for the better? Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s ERP and CRM application that helps convert business processes into business benefits for organizations. When your systems are properly integrated, your organization can greatly benefit from the use of ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Join this FREE webinar to learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help connect your processes with end-to-end business applications designed to work together to help merge your data and relationships, blend CRM and ERP, and drive business growth.

4 AWS Discovery Day - An official introduction to the core concepts of cloud and AWS Dec/17

As the cloud continues to grow, organizations’ need for IT talent with cloud skills has also increased. The AWS Discover Day is a complimentary virtual event that is designed to introduce AWS cloud computing concepts and foundational infrastructure services. The event is particularly relevant for customers who have recently signed up with AWS, or for those who simply want to grasp the basics of the AWS cloud platform.

Join our LIVE session with Thomas Fruin, NetCom Learning’s AWS Authorized Instructor - Champion. Attendees will learn basic global infrastructure of the cloud, different methods of interacting with AWS, security services with the AWS Cloud, and more.

5 Mastering Red Hat OpenShift Applications Dec/22

As OpenShift is becoming widely adopted, developers are progressively required to understand how to develop, build, and deploy applications with a containerized application platform. To manage the underlying infrastructure, it is crucial to focus on developing applications and using OpenShift for its simple building, deployment, and scaling capabilities.

This FREE webinar is designed to teach you the basics of how to deploy container applications. Your teams will learn to deploy new or existing applications, as well as perform other DevOps-related tasks using the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

6 Fundamentals of Network Administration for an Organization Jan/07

It's crucial to understand how simple or complicated a network can be. Why? Because it's challenging to keep track of the number of items involved in the structure of a network. Overlooking any of them can be risky. Organizations' need to rethink their network monitoring strategy has become imperative because identifying or ruling out network issues can quickly save time and money.

In this FREE webinar, your teams will learn about the troubleshooting skills required for working in the field of Network Administration. We will discuss networking, network operations, switching concepts, routing concepts, and much more.

7 Top 5 Strategies to Kickstart Your Data Analytics Resolutions Using Power BI

Do you know how the massive amounts of data generated every single day are managed? We need effective algorithms to process this data, and it is made possible by the application of Data Analytics. Data Analytics is the application of structured statistical and mathematical practices on collected data to distinguish underlying patterns. It helps businesses make smarter decisions, improves organizational efficiency, and controls risks. Power BI allows the predictive power of advanced analytics to enable users to create predictive models from their data, enabling organizations to make data-based decisions across all fields.

This FREE webinar is designed to teach your teams the best strategies to enhance your Data Analytics solutions. You will also become familiar with the critical challenges involved in implementing these strategies and how to overcome them.

8 Learn How Industries Sustain Product Design in the WFH Economy Jan/19

How companies have trained and managed their product designing teams for the 'work from home' model has proved beneficial for businesses. Quality and productivity have not been compromised. Digital and virtual learning programs were already on the rise before COVID-19, and the WFH economy has marked an increase in such learning programs. Beyond strategic steps, there are tactical methods that managers can develop for delivering value-creating efforts for products such as AutoCAD Inventor.

In this webinar, your designing teams will learn to navigate through the WFH culture strategically and methodically. Your product designing teams can learn various practical application methods and tactics to be more familiar with AutoCAD Inventor.

9 Build your Own Business Application Using Microsoft Power Apps Jan/21

Are you wondering how to build power apps that modernize processes to increase agility across your organization? Empower your teams to solve tough challenges and start building and launching apps right away using Microsoft Power Apps.

This FREE webinar has been designed to give your employees a breakthrough on the end-to-end process of building basic business apps without the need for any programming language. Get started with the fundamental knowledge of building Power Apps, and give your teams the ability to make the apps they need with advanced functionality.

10 Addressing the “Big Three” Cybersecurity Pain Points: Where you Fit in?

Did you know about the three critical cybersecurity pain points that organizations must address to sustain their businesses? Today, organizations are increasingly being challenged by the big waves of sophisticated cyber-attacks. CompTIA cybersecurity helps employees achieve the skills needed to detect, visualize, and analyze today’s active cyber threats and implement changes to protect a company.

Join this FREE webinar to learn about the essential CompTIA security skills and best practices that businesses should adopt to remain competitive and, most importantly, understand where they fit in.

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