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40 Amazing Developers You Should Follow On Youtube

There some of the most amazing developers that will teach you everything you need to know for HTML, CSS and JS.

These creators do videos on frontend, backend, databases, cloud servers and much more. If you want to learn anything from React, Angular, Vue or even NodeJS, Mongo, AWS and much more, there are great people to follow here.

Who is your favourite, and did I miss anyone?

  1. Ben Awad

  2. The Coder Coder

  3. Brad Traversy

  4. Dev Ed

  5. Florin Pop

  6. Fireship IO

  7. Danny Thompson

  8. The Net Ninja

  9. Niall Maher

  10. William Candillon

  11. developerHabits

  12. Tim

  13. Gary Simon

  14. James Q Quick

  15. Weibenfalk

  16. Kevin Powell

  17. Dennis Ivy

  18. codeSTACKr

  19. Chris Sean

  20. Program With Erik

  21. Swizec Teller

  22. Faraday Academy

  23. Web Dev Simplified

  24. Coding Garden

  25. JavaScript Mastery

  26. Code with Ania Kubów

  27. CodingTutorials360

  28. Caleb Curry

  29. RealToughCandy

  30. Eddie Jaoude

  31. Eleftheria Batsou

  32. Jesse Showalter

  33. Catalin Pit

  34. CodingEntrepreneurs

  35. CoderOne

  36. Classsed

  37. Chau Codes

  38. Dev Mentor Live

  39. Claudio Bernasconi

  40. Free Code Camp

These creators also have tips and tricks on freelancing, books to read to improve your programming skills or do better at coding. Application devs as well as web dev skills that you might want to learn along the way in your journey as a programmer. One of my favourites is freeCodeCamp which is a community of developers that cover all topics related to making websites and applications.

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Top comments (59)

bigeyedes profile image
Andrzej Musioł • Edited

Nice list, live it! You forgot about one of the best channels imo:
Academind with Maximilian Schwarzmuller

jjfattz profile image

I agree 100%. Max is one of the best

machineno15 profile image
Tanvir Shaikh

Okay done. subscribed to all , but how can you miss mosh ?


adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

Ah that’s a big one I completely forgot, thanks for the mention!

1antares1 profile image

Well, then what are you waiting to modify the article to 41? There are more than half a million Subscribers he has on YouTube. You who work there should know more. :)

sapardo profile image
Sebastian Pardo

For spanish speakers check these:

franwatafaka profile image
Fran Sosa

Te robo betta tech y Latincoder, esas no las tenia! crack

angelbeamud profile image

Also @midudev

mis0u profile image
adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

nice ones!

devhammed profile image
Hammed Oyedele

How will I be able to know all these when the government of where I live "Nigeria" is killing techies!

anreash profile image

I also want to recommend these:
@TheCherno for game engine development and C++ tutorials and Andy Sterkowitz for Self-Taught Developers’ advice

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

Thanks good ones!

jorejas profile image
Jorge Orejas

You missed
Kalle Hallden
Aaron Jack
Andres Vidoza
Forrest Knight

And for those Spanish speakers:

Dot CSV and his secondary channel Not CSV

azs06 profile image
Md. Atiquzzaman Soikat

Some hidden gems here alongside some well-known names. I would also recommend, Derek Banas, Steve Griffith, Academind, Mosh Hamedani, and Colt Steele.

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

Thanks good names!

omriyahoo profile image
Omri Ratson

@adriantwarog Sorry to be a grudge one but it would have been better if you could have put a short description about what each of them is teaching/specialized in.

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

Yeah good point, I might update to do just this :)

anja profile image
Anja • Edited

Great list! 👍😊 I would add Derek Banas

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog


lnlittleone profile image

I'm late to the party but some really good dev channels are missing in this list such as

prateek_aher profile image
Prateek Aher

You made an amazing cover image @adriantwarog

draer profile image
Michał Murawski

You want me to follow content of 40 developers? ... Jesus Christ! People are f#####g crazy this times

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

I could of done more :)

draer profile image
Michał Murawski • Edited

I know, but what for. Get a life and follow only 3. Or maybe... none? Just do not get crazy about it, really.

Thread Thread
passingby profile image
John McCarthy

Agree, but I don't think that was the intention of the article.

Would be a great to keep this list growing here and have it as reference point to come back to.

Sample and feel out the subjects and teaching styles that suit you.

But yeah, don't burn out on videos! Apply what you learn and get outside!

vigneshpy profile image

You forgot to add ex-google,ex-facebook, ex-whatever techlead

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

All of them are great channels without fills :)

dealingwith profile image
Daniel Miller
adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

The man is a react superhero