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Designers vs Developers | Why designs never look the same when coded

If you have been building stuff for a long time on the web, you will know that the struggle between designers and developers is real.

The main aspect to this, is that what Designers create, and what Developers have to code are not always in harmony. I learnt this when I first started by learning graphics design, and was frustrated that none of my designers were replicated 100% in code.

Youtube: Designers vs Developers

It wasn't until I started coding that I learn why this was the case. It's hard to make something work 100% on all browsers, devices, etc. Using CSS, and HTML to achieve perfect union of all styles visually to adhear to the UI isn't easy. This is especially true of the designer has created floating objects all over the place, with no real columns or rows.

I learn a lot once I started coding, and how my designs have changed based on what is optimal for coding, since the more bizarre a design is, the harder and more time consuming it will be to replace and code properly.

Tips for designers and developers working together:

  • Understand what the objectives are for a client/website
  • Consider the timeline of when the project is due and what is possible by then
  • Make sure you work within the budget of what is possible in that time
  • Communicate what is difficult and easy to achieve in both design and dev
  • Work together.

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nombrekeff profile image

Nice post, this has been something I've had to explain way too many times to designers and clients.

I always recommend that designers, UI designers that is, would really benefit from learning the basics of the technology that will be used to implement their designs (ie. basic css knowledge, at least the limits)

I also think it's very beneficial for Developers to know a little about design as well, even the most basic stuff.

Having this knowledge about the "other side" is quite useful to have in teams. It creates a type of empathy about the other job, with which you and they can relate to.

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

Hahaha exactly this, you are spot on on how I feel too.

jwp profile image
John Peters

If designers did their work in Css and Html we wouldn't have this problem.