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How to Redesign a Website

adriantwarog profile image Adrian Twarog ・1 min read

TLDR It's not easy to redesign a website, you have to consider UI, UX, and a lot more. In this video, I go over doing a new design for the @traverseymedia channel where I try to combine designing thinking to come up with something new.

How to Redesign a Website

I used Figma to do this design, incorporating consistent styling between the twitter, youtube channel and website. We pull in colours and styles from the logo to create a look and feel that works uniformly between all sites. I also try to pull in ideas of what the brand should represent. With such a large audience and so many videos, I represented this through the hero banner which shows the scope of how much content there is.

In this tutorial I cover:

  • Reviewing alternative designs
  • Preparing a theme and colors
  • Designing header, navigation, hero banner
  • Designing main content area with videos
  • Design thinking and UI, UX considerations

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Nash The Coder

Great piece, very helpful and useful. Using your tips to work on a redesign proposal for a potential client. Will tell you how it goes. Following you on YouTube and Twitter.