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QR Code Scanner for React Native Tutorial

In this video, we cover installing the react-native-qrcode-scanner component for react native. It uses the react-native camera module to allow you to capture QR codes visible via the component. We also cover a couple of extra things such as using react-native-qrcode-svg library to display the QR codes we scan and display them in a resizable SVG format.

Included in this video:

  • Installing React Native Camera
  • Installing React Native QR Code Scanner
  • Installing React Native QR Code SVG
  • Setting up the Depencencies required for the project
  • Fixing undocumented bugs for getting the project up and runing
  • Capturing QR codes and calling functions when they are detected
  • Outputting SVG QR codes on the mobile device

QR codes have heaps of uses, from scanning discount vouchers to using them as quick membership cards for example. Hopefully this video will help you get started using them if you were considering it.

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