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UX is Hard | How to think with UX in mind

UX design is hard.

This is because of user experience design requires you to understand your customer or client. Graphics design is hard, to begin with, but putting your mind into the head of a potential customer is doubly so.

Youtube: UX Design is Hard

A lot of the time, UX takes a back seat. You will be developing your overall system without much consideration. The goal will be to build an MVP, just get some graphics assets up and running, and for the bare essentials to work.

When websites or applications grow, they really have to consider User Experience. But doing so is even more difficult if you are the one designing or building the system. You know it inside and out, and this fundamentally changes the way you think about it.

The effect essentially means that you need fresh eyes sometimes to do good UX. A client or a customer will see your design and workflows differently when they are landing on a page for the first time.

Some things I noticed are core to good UX include:

  • Change your mindset to that of a user/client
  • Designing content so even someone who is drunk can navigate the system
  • Testing your content with real-world users who haven't seen it before
  • Performing surveys to get genuine feedback of what the UX was like
  • Iterating and improving on your UX constantly

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