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How do you make a website look good?

How do you make a website look good?

It's a good question with many answers.

My recommendation is to take 5-10 mins to really look and consider the UI and UX of a page and improve it by at least 1%.

Keep doing this, and you get something great!


  • Consider Information Hierarchy
  • Keep Content Consistent
  • Provide visually enjoyable content
  • Use great colors
  • Always spend some time to continually improve the design

We often create a page, like a portfolio, and then forget about it. A much better approach is to gradually work on it bit by bit until you create something amazing, and even then, continue to spend time to improve it's UI and UX.

You will learn more about web design in the process of doing it, rather than trying to complete it in a single go, with the possible result not being exactly the way you imagined!

If you want to learn more about web design, I'm trying to put more videos together through my Enhance UI series, if you want me to review your own design, check out the link below:

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that was really awesome Adrian much appreciate itπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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Adrian Twarog

Thanks :)

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Piyush Panchal

That was amazing! Having consistency is very important as well. For example using same fonts for heading instead of different ones. Basically similar styles.

rahxuls profile image

My actual situation πŸ˜”. Loved this video.