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Lasha Kakabadze
Lasha Kakabadze

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Free Next.js Portfolio Template


If you're a developer, it's important for you to have a personal portfolio website – especially when you're applying for jobs.

After a few months of development, I have finally put together a multi-themed website that will greatly increase your chances of getting attention from recruiters.

Here is a link to my portfolio -

You can download the source code for free-

You will find a detailed documentation inside the README fille on how to setup, make changes and run this website.

About the project

This template has several API calls, that is handled by the SWR (stale-while-revalidate), the list includes:

  • Medium's API to display my personal articles in this project.

  • Spotify's API to show the current track as well as display my top 20 songs of the week.

  • GitHub's API to highlight most popular of my open-source projects.

Technology stack

As for the technologies, here is a full list of libraries I'm using for this project:

  • Next.js

  • styled-components

  • swr

  • react-transition-group

Lighthouse results

It should come with no surprise that Next.js coupled with SWR is blazing fast, and the results are no surprise.
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Sloan, the sloth mascot
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adrinlol profile image
Lasha Kakabadze • Edited

Hey Savio, I didn't copy his template. My portfolio is using completely different stack , the only thing it has common with Leerob's website is the design of main page, which isn't a direct copy either.

But thank for the feedback.

P.S. This template is also free? That's the whole point of me posting it here.

saviomartin profile image
Savio Martin

You can atleast give a shoutout to him as inspiration.

Thread Thread
adrinlol profile image
Lasha Kakabadze

It's included both in the source code as well as in the gumroad link.

Thread Thread
theindianappguy profile image
Sanskar Tiwari

this is paid now

rychillie profile image

@saviomartin you're right! He copied it hard!

zvirinz profile image
Dzmitry Sviryn • Edited

never mind

maulanarifai114 profile image
Raden Maulana Rifa'i Abdullah


jessyco profile image

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm taking a couse for UX Design and one of the things we have to do is create a portfolio website. I'm a front-end dev so naturally I want to build one rather than using a website builder. I love the transitions you've added for navigation and some other general design feel you got so again, thanks for sharing!

adrinlol profile image
Lasha Kakabadze • Edited

Thank you so much Jessy,

I plan on sharing the snippet of the code that handles the navigation between pages.

If you want to see my inspiration for building this portfolio, check out these websites:

hpouyanmehr profile image
Hosein Pouyanmehr

This is a nice minimal template.

By the way, you can check out my new nextjs template if you wanna create a larger portfolio or personal blog in this post.

_dragos profile image
Dragos Stancu

Of course your site scores high with Lighthouse. You have ONE image! :)

What I'm looking to build is a Wordpress Theme that uses Next.js.
For an eCommerce website like this


suleman1220 profile image
Suleman Tariq

is it me or this isn't free anymore?

adrinlol profile image
Lasha Kakabadze

The Template was, is and will always be free.

insidiousthedev profile image

it's still free m8, just enter 0 in the box above I want this!

jenniekibiri profile image

Thanks, Lasha! definitely got my portfolio inspiration