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Geofrey Aduda
Geofrey Aduda

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Must we use Relational Databases to be A good Developer?

I find it weird when my database is not well Normalized and does not follow the 5 Normalization Rules.

  1. First Normal Form
  2. Second Normal Form
  3. Third Normal Form
  4. BCNF
  5. Fourth Normal Form

What's the way forward? and What has worked for you?

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Ramiro Olivencia

Most cases get covered with a 3rd normal form. Having 10 years of coding experience I never required to go beyond 3rd normal form.

Related to the title question, it indeed is a good idea to learn how relational databases work and are implemented, since they're widely used in the software development world.

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Vince Ramces Oliveros • Edited

If you're an experienced developer. you might not need 1NF-2NF and 3.5NF-4NF(Don't complicate things). as 3NF already covers 1..1,0..1,0..*,1..*, and *..* relationships.

As for the question. It is indeed important to use relational database to make your data organized. But I would like to do the UI first before database. We want to know what clients want by providing the basic model before implementing it in the database. I don't want to keep on rewriting the schema every time a client wants a change of mind in their product.

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Daniel Med

To be honest .. it always depends on the type of project ur working on and the number of tables you have there . If it's gonna be a huge relationnel model(more then 10 tables for example) and u have enough of association relationship well Definitely u need to stick to these rules not just because they are rules .. but it's gonna ensure that ur DB is well coherent