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Non-conventional answer:

For this, I use

I have defined Channels like #programming and #writing and put all my links there.

It's then always available because I have Telegram installed on all my smartphones and desktop.


The best tool for this (in my opinion) is Notion.

You can clip and organise the links in databases (I have 3: read later, guides, tools).
In general it's a great project management, note-taking, link saving tool.

If you want to try it out, click on this link and you will receive $10 in free credits (and I will receive $5):

If you just want a tool for saving links for later I would recommend Pocket:


Evernote for me I just bookmark it under a folder in my browser for my newsletter


I've recently started using Google Keep again, so far I'm really enjoying it!


I didn't know google keep, thanks i will try this also

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