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Top Programming Languages In Demand

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So, you decide to become a software developer. Join the club!

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To start, you need to know a programming language that you can use to build apps and software. We already did a post about how you can learn a programming language, you can see it from here:

Now, you need to choose a programming language but still which one to learn? We will give you this guide based on Stack Overflow Developer Survey.


I don't hate it but personally, I wish it had much better standards. But, still, you will use it one way or another. You will face it anytime so start early. But, still, you need to know a backend language that can support you as it alone will not go further.


This language is a hot topic right now since it has many applications in programming, data science, ML, AI, and more! It is very worthy to learn and have decent standards. You will love the fact that it does not end each statement with a semicolon.


Can be used in different ways with amazing tools and a large community. But, things going to take time to reach as a pro developer in this language. Also, sometimes difficult to learn but still with time it will get easier.


Easy to learn and has a wide range of applications. I saw the community grow and it now has a great toolset. You can use it to build websites, mobile apps, cloud applications, ML, IoT, and more. I've been developing in C# for the past 8 years and it keeps growing and growing each year.


This is the new JavaScript. Still, it lacks behind from other languages but ahead from JavaScript. It is JavaScript with many rules and way better to use. Still, you need to know JavaScript to fully understand TypeScript. And it is used in many popular frameworks around the world.


It is up to you if you want to be just dedicated to web technologies you can learn PHP. For me, I like to have options where I can develop mobile apps and other things using the same language. Still, it powers many leading platforms online such as Facebook and the leading CMS WordPress.


This language is one of the reasons we have programming advanced and changed. It is considered the grandfather of all the languages and was ahead of its time. And still, it keeps going and has many usages in different areas such as games, databases. But, it can be difficult to learn and use.


This language is getting popular each day. It can be used to develop backend programs with high performance. It can be used as C++. It is developed by Google.


If you are into developing iOS apps this is your tool. You will need an Official Apple Device such as Macbook Pro to use the Xcode IDE to use this language. It has a fair demand and it is fun and easy to learn. I recommend learning another language with it as Typescript.

There are many languages available for you as well beyond this list but make sure there is a good market for it and you can secure a job in the case who you are working for closes or layoff.

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I would add:

Kotlin for replacing Java for Android development.
Rust for replacing C++