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The €30 and cents, Durable, Easy Repairable on Site Remote Monitoring of Concrete Maturity

Miguel Tomás
Artificial Intelligence and IoT research and prototype
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The other day, someone whispered to me, here in the neighbourhood where I live, “why not develop your own“ maturity sensor device, after I ended a short chat session on WhatsApp about it. At that time it was meant to be a simple chat conversation starter on WhatApps with my long-lasting research colleagues in science.

A week went by and I continue doing what I have initially planned: modeling in Tensorflow some research data I have here, from my 1st masters’ thesis about self-sensing carbon fiber composite sensors for IoT applications. During that time, I got some time to browse what is already on the market, for monitoring concrete maturity in real-time and with live data. I found the following enterprises already commercializing IoT devices with that specific purpose:
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