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Holiday Advent Challenge #JavaScriptmas

Since my first job after graduating college I haven't done much coding of any kind (although it has certainly helped that I know how to). Instead I have winded my through a list of jobs like business analyst, project and product management and UI/UX/Product Design.

The last few years I've been wanting to get in a habit of regularly practicing front end coding, with the goal of being efficient enough again to do some prototyping of my design work directly in code. The honest truth is, it's been a struggle to carve out the time and find a platform that fits well with my work and family obligation. Scrimba has been a great resource I've turned to for a few things including some weekly challenges that have hit a good balance of difficulty and fun with some great learning resources available to help. The coding advent #Javascriptmas this year was particularly fun, not so involved I had to spend hours on it, but also got me coding consistently and taught me a number of new little things.

In good gamification fashion, they invited us to 'blog' about it and post our solutions and we would be awarded a badge, so here it is.

My Solutions to the challenges

Day 1 - Candies
Day 2 - Deposit Profit
Day 3 - Chunky Monkey
Day 4 - Century From Year
Day 5 - Reverse a String
Day 6 - Sort by Solution
Day 7 - Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8 - The Rolling Dice
Day 9 - Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Day 10 - Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11 - Avoid Obstacles
Day 12 - Valid Time
Day 13 - Extract Each Kth
Day 14 - Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15 - Carousel
Day 16 - Insert Dashes
Day 17 - Different Symbols Naive
Day 18 - Array Previous Less
Day 19 - Alphabet Subsequence
Day 20 - Domain Type
Day 21 - Sum of Two
Day 22 - Extract Matrix Column
Day 23 - Social Media Input
Day 24 - Test Your Agility

I liked the string and array manipulation problems that involved some logic/sequencing, in several of them I learned about and was able to explore a number of functions I wasn't familiar or comfortable with previously. My favorites were those that involved a bit more HTML and CSS, I'm glad they worked a few of those in.

I wish I had more time to play around with my solutions, but it is a busy time of year; confession, I didn't submit all of them in time for the daily drawings, but I did complete them all in the 24 days leading up to Christmas. I'm looking forward to continuing Scrimbas weekly dev challenges and next years advent.

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