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6 Key Lesson’s to Learn From Rich Dad Poor Dad for Programmers

For any person in the world to achieve financial freedom, it is most important to have a strong financial education.

According to experts, the best way to increase financial education is to read books. This is the reason that many books in the world are written on this topic and the most popular book named Rich Dad Poor Dad , written by American author Robert Kiyosaki, is also one of those books. A lot of people read this book to achieve their goals and become successful in life.

That is why it is considered one of the most famous books in the world in terms of financial education. In today's post, I will tell you 6 important lessons and a summary of this book.

The story of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad is based on author Robert Kiyosaki's own life. In this book, he writes about his two fathers, one of whom is his real father, whom he has given the title of Poor Dad, and the other is his mouth-bolt father who is actually his friend's father and he is named Rich Dad in the book.

In fact, his real father is a very educated and hard-working person, a teacher by profession and financially very weak. That's why Robert calls him Poor Dad in the book.

On the other hand, his mouth-bolt father has studied only till class VIII. But due to strong financial education, he is counted among the biggest and richest businessman of his city. That's why Robert calls him Rich Dad in the book.

In this entire story, Robert's rich dad gives him six important lessons at different stages of his life for 30 years which are very important to succeed in life, become rich and stay rich forever.

6 lessons told by Robert's rich dad can make any person rich and successful in the world, no matter how poorly educated is that person. So let us tell you about the same six lessons written by Robert in the book.

Lesson No 1. Rich Don't Work For Money, Money Work For Them

Robert's rich dad explains that most of the people in the world have been trapped in a particular circle for many decades and he calls this circle the Rat Race. In fact, most of the people in the world today only want to study in a good college, find a good job, get married and then keep paying for things like home and car from their salary for the rest of their lives.

People do not realize that they work hard in this kind of life, but only someone else gets the benefit of their hard work. Many people are also unhappy to be a part of this Rat Race. But still, because of the fear, greed and responsibilities of their mind, they compulsively remain a part of it.

Rich Dad says that a person should first get out of this Rat Race by eliminating his fear and then do something in which you should not work for money but make money work for you. There is an old saying that money attracts money. In the same way, you also need to do something in your life in which only your money can earn for you.

Lesson No 2. Keeping Money Is More Important Than Making It

You will get to see many such sportsmen and celebrities in the world who were once very rich. But today they have nothing. In fact, people go from rich to poor in this way because they lack financial education. They do not have the skill to maintain and grow money.

Giving an example of this financial illiteracy, Rich Dad says that all over the world a house is considered an asset, whereas according to him, a house is not an asset but a liability. Because assets are those that increase your money even more over time, whereas in the case of a house you have to pay its EMI and loan for many years. Due to which money does not come in your pocket but only goes.

Rich dad considers only those things as assets that make you earn money sitting at home. They say that only earning money is not enough to become rich, but it is most important to learn how to maintain and grow your money.

Lesson No 3. Get In Your Business Along With Your Job

When a person gets his favourite job, he makes up his mind to do it for the rest of his life and then without thinking anything, he spends his whole life doing that job.

Rich dad says that if any person in the world wants, he can do any other work along with his job and can also become the king of a new business empire without leaving his job.

Now to understand this, we can take the example of Ray Kroc, the founder of the world's largest fast-food chain company McDonald's. If any of us are asked this question, from which business does Ray Kroc earn money? Then the answer of all of us would be that from the fast-food business. But actually, Ray Kroc's main business is not fast food but real estate. Because while expanding the business of McDonald's, he has become the biggest real estate owner in the whole world today. Along with doing fast food business, he has created such an empire of real estate which makes him really rich today.

In the same way, a common man can also create some such assets and source of income along with doing his job, which will earn money for him. Some examples have also been given by the writer, which includes starting a business, investing in the stock market, investing money in real estate, and buying properties that profit.

By adopting any one of these methods, you can create a new source of income for yourself. Even Rich Dad advises every person to do this because only then does a person become really rich.

Lesson No 4. Taxes Are For Only Middle Class And Poors

In this lesson Rich Dad explains the history of tax, he says that the tax was actually a system designed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor i.e. initially only the rich were taxed and that tax money was used for the poor people facilities.

But gradually the middle and upper-middle class also started paying taxes and if we talk about today, then this matter has been completely reversed. Because today rich people save themselves from paying taxes by using their brains and cunning and the highest tax that is deposited in the account of the government is given by the middle and upper-middle class only.

Rich businessmen and industrialists first earn money and then spend that money to fulfil all their needs and aspirations and in the end, if anything is left then they pay tax with that money. Whereas the middle and upper-middle-class people earn money as well as pay taxes and then spend whatever is left on them in the end.

Lesson No 5. The Rich Invent Money

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and if we talk about India, then Dhirubhai Ambani, Shiv Nadar and Azim Premji are some of the names who have brought a business or idea inside the world, about which no one had thought of this before. These people have invested money with the same revolutionary idea.

Before any other person could find any opportunity present in the market, these people found that opportunity and took action on it immediately. That is why it is said that these people did not earn money but invent it. Because it brought things into the world that was not already here. Similarly, you should also think not only about earning money but also about inventing money.

Lesson No 6: Rich Learns All The Time And Know How To Sell Their Ideas

Many such people in America make and sell a much better burger than that of McDonald's at the same price. But not every person understands how one of his products or ideas is sold on a large scale. That's why even after making a good pizza burger than McDonald's, he can sell it only in a limited area or in limited quantity. Whereas McDonald's sells its burgers all over the world without any limit. In fact, through this last lesson, the author explains to us that rich people never stop learning new things and new skills. Because of this habit, they always know how their product or their idea can be sold on a large scale in the world.

So this was all about this post. All the lessons of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad are very useful for a programmer as well as general person.

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