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As many of you C# / .NET developers know, Microsoft Visual Studio is the IDE of choice for us. It's may even be impossible to build older apps in debug mode with anything else; as it seems to be at my current place of work. I have gotten used to using Visual Studio over the years after a somewhat rocky transition from IntelliJ and Java. But there is one thing that continues to be the bane of my relationship with the IDE -

This is that CTRL + P is mapped to PRINT and not open file like EVERY OTHER IDE EVER CREATED!

I know the key mappings can be reconfigured, and I did that when I first started at a C# shop but was horribly disappointed when the first time I upgraded (at VS's suggestion) and my mapping was reset.

I ask why, Microsoft? WHY?? I imagine a developer has not needed to print out their code since shortly after the Apollo program shut down, must you be such a slave to tradition?

Thanks for reading my rant and happy Friday, DEV!

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Wait, CTRL+P opens files in other IDEs? That seems so strange to me. The only thing I think of with that keyboard shortcut is print.

That said, I don't think I ever used a shortcut to open files before though I can't say that I've needed to print source code either so... 🤷‍♂️


Yeah, in all the other IDEs I've used - IntelliJ, VS Code, Sublime, Atom... Thanks for the comment!


Consistency with other IDEs withstanding, I feel like CTRL+O would be more appropriate as we have CTRL+S for saving. Though we do have CTRL+V for pasting which seems kinda strange given that argument (letter matching action).

A friend of mine mentioned something to me a while back about shortcuts for media players. I think it was that most media players have [Space] to play/pause except I think YouTube Music (though proper YouTube did).

I think I was misleading, in other IDEs CTRL + P is like search solution / project for a file / class. In VS CTRL+O brings up the computer's file explorer. Thanks for commenting!


I think you can / should use rider instead of visual studio.
That should feel like IntelliJ because it basically is. On my pc Rider is at least 10x faster than Visual Studio :D


Thanks Klyse, I'll check it out. I think I've heard of it, it's a JetBrains product, right?


yes it is.


I dislike how it sometimes freezes and then dies, it's so common that we have reaction gifs in our dev team slack channel for "vs crashed" XD


haha! This happens to us too, especially with Resharper - which is how we have to run unit tests