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Agility CMS Revolutionizes Headless CMS Pricing

Agility CMS has announced a new set of pricing packages that make it easier than ever for businesses to grow and be more successful with their websites and mobile apps.

Agility CMS is on a mission to eradicate slow websites from the internet. By adopting a faster mindset, customers should be demanding more from their software, and CMS is a tool that's critical to the success of your business. Contrary to other platforms, Agility CMS provides you with the tools to undergo a digital transformation and speed up your processes. This new mindset is a comprehensive shift in thinking that takes into account the right strategy and architecture that will set you up for future growth. We provide you with technology that grows with you and can easily integrate with other software. You will start thinking of your websites and apps as part of a continuous delivery process that simply works faster.

For the first time ever, businesses like yours can get started with a Content-First offering that includes everything we think you'll need, including Ecommerce, Search and User Generated Content. What's more, each package has support for multi-languages or locales included, across multiple digital channels or websites.

No other headless platform provides this. 

Let's take a closer look at the four packages.


Nano is a starter package aimed at developers and one-person companies who want to dip their toes into CMS and start building their online presence. It's a big offering at a tiny price, and it's perfect for early-stage start-ups who want to be able to scale up later.

Small Business

This package is where things get interesting. Starting at the Small Business level, every Agility CMS package includes Content Management, Ecommerce, Ticketing, Search and User Generated Content. We provide all of these offerings as Headless APIs - so they're fast and scalable - take a holiday on Black Friday while your website stays up!

If you're running a small site with 500 pages or less, this package is for you.  


The Pro package kicks things up a notch with 5,000 pages and up to 10 users. You can also sell more products, use custom reports, manage federated search over multiple domains, and enjoy access to a higher tier of support.

High-performance sites that need Ecommerce or Search should look to the Professional package.


At the enterprise level, things get seriously scalable. You may have a large content team of up to 50 users, or up to 10,000 pages, or more than 5 languages or locales. You also have a dedicated Account Rep at this level to help you personally with the needs of your business. 

Custom Packages

Once you've taken a look at the pricing and gone through all the fine print on the package details page, you may still have a need that isn't covered. We'd love to help you with that. That's why we offer custom-built packages. Contact us to help you put that together.


Agility CMS has a Free offering too, which is perfect for those who are just getting started and want to learn the ropes for Web Development and Content Management. What's really great is this plan is free forever - it's not a trial - and you can sign up without a credit card. Once you start reaching the limits of the free package, or if you want to add more users to your instance, you can upgrade it anytime to a Nano package.

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