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Agora Dev Project Awards By Codemotion
Agora Dev Project Awards By Codemotion

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Interview With The Creator Of A Top Project On Agora: Ido Marko

David: Buddy Bug's is a great example of what Agora stands for!
Ido, tell our readers who are you & what do you do! We are curious!

Ido: My name is Ido Marko and I'm a 21 years old entrepreneur. When I was 14 I've started DODO apps - an app development studio. Nowadays I'm a student at the university, learning Software and Information System Engineering - specializing in Artificial Intelligence. I'm always looking into reinventing things and coming up with new technology related stuff.

David: Are you good at what you do?

Ido: Well, that's a tough question to answer. When I was younger I thought I am good at what I do, but as I grew older, and take a look back I realize how many things I have learned in my development journey, so that's why today I'm having a hard time declaring that I am "good" at something. Anyway, I know for sure that even if I am good at what I do, I can always get better (and strive to do so!)

David: What One Skill Makes You the Most Qualified for Your Current Position?

Ido: My experience. throughout my life, I went to many different experiences, both good and bad, in my career path. From each experience, I've learned and taken a life lesson to accompany me in other projects. As I accomplished many projects, I can say for sure that I have learned many lessons and that's what makes me so qualified for the leader position I have.

David: What Excites You Most About Your Project You Posted On Agora?

Ido: What excites me about this project is the fact the this is my idea. It has been a few good years since I have developed something that is my own (and not a client idea) so when I finally got a chance to do so it took me back to earlier times! Plus, I think the project can better our society to help people meet other people and socialize as they have never before!

David: Why Should Our Readers Vote For Your Project?

Ido: I think the readers should vote for me because at the end of the day I represent them. I am just a simple guy, who decided to follow through with his idea, just the way everybody else can! At the end of the way what's important for me is the readers - I want to make products that will better their lives and help them improve. I hope BuddyBug can help the readers gain new friends and help them do activities they have always wanted to do but never got the chance.

David: What Was The Coolest Project You Contributed To?

Ido: I had so many cool projects, so picking one is hard! If I have to choose one it would be giving a lecture in Droidcon. Droicon is a convention all about the new Android tech. When I've just started DODO Apps I got to go to this convention and I was amazed - all theses Android legends surrounding me, such an amazing experience! A few years later I got to lecture in Droidcon and that gave an objective view on how much progress I've made all these years. I've lectured about the development processes and the development journey and it was such a cool experience!

David: Do Your Boss And Colleagues Know You Have Side-Projects?

Ido: Yes, of course! My projects are not meant to be secret, but spread out to everyone!

David: What Do You Think Developers Need In 3 Words?

Ido: Courage to take action. I know I cheated and it's 4 words, but hey, does the "to" really counts?! Anyway, as I was saying, I think the courage to take action is rare to find in most developers these days. Many times developers get the most brilliant ideas but for different reasons decide to ditch them - DON'T DO THAT! Summon up all your courage and follow through with your idea!

David: If You Won The €5000 Top Prize On Agora, Would You Spend It On Your Project? You do not need to, we are just curious!

Ido: I would spend the prize on the BuddyBug project! I would like to create merch, like t-shirts that have the app logo and QR codes that link to our download page - it would be awesome! Also, I would like to make a few giveaways, so if I win your readers will win as well!
I've also decided that if I win I will donate part of the prize to a charity. I would like to let people on social media pick which charity to donate to, so if I win please make sure to vote!

David: Awesome! Thank you, Ido! We are curious to see if your project wins or not;) The contest is still open, and will be open until the 15th December 2019.
Come and join us on!

Ido Marko's Profile Page & Project List On Agora:

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