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Number in JS

In the name of Allah the most merciful and the most gracious
Today is turn to Number data type in JS which is a primitive data type.
We write number in js without quote unlike string.
For example

let studentGrade=56;
// result->56;
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We don’t have any more types for numbers unlike other languages e.g kotlin ,c++ and java.
Just we have number data type.
We can convert number which is inside quote into number.
We can find the type of a data by typing typeof.
Here is the demo:

let number=’4.5’;
console.log(typeof number);
//result -> string
console.log(typeof Number(number));
//result -> number
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We can use parseInt() and parseFloat().
The first one converts decimal number into whole number.
The second one converts whole number into decimal number.

let price=45.5;
//result-> 45
Let fruitPrice=10;
//result-> 10.0
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Math operations

As we know from school we studied math and it’s operations those operations are in JS like +,-,* and /.
Here we have so many built-in methods to work math here.

let x=9;
let y=5;
let total=x+y;
//result -> 14
let difference=x-y;
let product=x*y;
let division=x/y;
let remainder=x%y;
//result -> 4
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The modulo operator returns the remainder.
For example, 4/2=2 and the remainder is zero because these two numbers are fully dividable.
4/3=1.3333333333 and 4%3=1 shows the remaining amount between 4 and 3 is 1.
We can use ** to use power.

let number=2;
let square=number**2;
//result -> 4;
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We can use Math.pow() instead of ** which are the same.
Math.max() or Math.min() …

You can learn more about Math built-in operation by clicking the below link

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