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Scrimba Challenges Solution from start to end

A self-taught developer looking for projects
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Hello guys my name is ahmadullah, Today I want to share the challenges that I solved in Scrimba #javascriptmas.

  1. Candies Challenge
  2. Deposit Profit Challenge
  3. Chunky Monkey Challenge
  4. Century from year
  5. Reverse a String
  6. Sort by length
  7. Count Vowel Consonant
  8. The Rolling Dice
  9. Sum odd fibonacci numbers
  10. Adjacent Elements Product
  11. Avoid Obstacle
  12. Valid Time
  13. Extract Each Kth
  14. Maximal Adjacent Difference
  15. Carousel
  16. Insert Dashes
  17. Different Symbols Naive
  18. Array Previous Less
  19. Alpahbet Subsequence
  20. Domain Type
  21. Sum of 2
  22. Extract Matrix Column

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Well done Ahmadullah! Keep up the great workπŸ‘