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10 GitHub Repos every developer will need!

Here is some GitHub Repositories that you will find interesting ...

➽ 1-Build Your Own X:

☞A github repo that contains many helpful resources that helps you build many things such as (3D Renderer, Augmented Reality, BitTorrent Client, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency, Bot, Command-Line Tool, Docker, Emulator / Virtual Machine, Front-end Framework / Library, Game, Network Stack, Neural Network, Operating System, Physics Engine, Programming Language, Regex Engine, Search Engine, Shell, Template Engine, Text Editor, Visual Recognition System, Voxel Engine, Web Search Engine, Web Server).

➽ 2-Project Based Learning:

☞A list of tutorials in different programming languages helping developers to learn how to build an application from scratch.
☞ It contains tutorials for many languages as (C#,C/C++,Clojure,Elixir,Erlang,F#,Go,Haskell,HTML/CSS,Java,JavaScript,Kotlin,Lua,OCaml,PHP,Python,R,Ruby,Rust,Scala,Swift)

GitHub logo practical-tutorials / project-based-learning

Curated list of project-based tutorials

Project Based Learning


A list of programming tutorials in which aspiring software developers learn how to build an application from scratch. These tutorials are divided into different primary programming languages. Tutorials may involve multiple technologies and languages.

To get started, simply fork this repo. Please refer to for contribution guidelines.

Table of Contents:


➽ 3-Public APIs:

☞A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.
☞Examples of APIs: (Animals,Anime,Anti-Malware,Art & Design,Authentication,Books,Business,Calendar,Cloud Storage & File Sharing,Continuous Integration,Cryptocurrency,Currency Exchange,Data Validation,Development,Dictionaries,Documents & Productivity,Environment,Events,Finance,Food & Drink,Games & Comics,Geocoding,Government,Health,Jobs,Machine Learning,Music,News,Open Data,Open Source Projects,Patent,Personality,Phone,Photography,Science & Math,Security,Shopping,Social,Sports & Fitness,Test Data,Text Analysis,Tracking,Transportation,URL Shorteners,Vehicle,Video,Weather)

➽ 4-Coding Interview University:

☞A collection of resources that was created as a short to-do-list for its creator to get hired, he eventually ended up as Software Development Engineer at AMAZON.

GitHub logo jwasham / coding-interview-university

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.

Coding Interview University

I originally created this as a short to-do list of study topics for becoming a software engineer but it grew to the large list you see today. After going through this study plan, I got hired as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon You probably won't have to study as much as I did. Anyway, everything you need is here.

I studied about 8-12 hours a day, for several months. This is my story: Why I studied full-time for 8 months for a Google interview

Please Note: You won't need to study as much as I did. I wasted a lot of time on things I didn't need to know. More info about that below. I'll help you get there without wasting your precious time.

The items listed here will prepare you well for a technical interview at just about any software company including the giants:…

➽ 5-Design Resources for Developers:

☞A list of design an UI resources such as web templates, UI libraries, CSS frameworks, stock photo, tools and more

GitHub logo bradtraversy / design-resources-for-developers

Curated list of design and UI resources from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools and much more

Repository Banner

Please read contributing guidelines before submitting new resources.

Table of Contents

UI Graphics

Websites and resources with modern UI components in different formats such as PSD, Sketch, Figma, etc. They are great for ideas for web components/UI

Website                            Description
UI Design Daily Awesome UI Components of all types
100 Daily UI Free Figma library of products, elements, and screens
Sketch App Sources Sketch UIs, wireframes, icons and much more

➽ 6-The Book of Secret Knowledge:

☞A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheat sheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more.

GitHub logo trimstray / the-book-of-secret-knowledge

A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more.


"Knowledge is powerful, be careful how you use it!"

A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools, and more.

Pull Requests MIT License

Created by trimstray and contributors

📔  What is it?

This repository is a collection of various materials and tools that I use every day in my work. It contains a lot of useful information gathered in one piece. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for me that I often look back on.

🚻  For whom?

For everyone, really. Here everyone can find their favourite tastes. But to be perfectly honest, it is aimed towards System and Network administrators, DevOps, Pentesters, and Security Researchers.

ℹ️  Contributing

If you find something which doesn't make sense, or something doesn't seem right, please make a pull request and please add valid and well-reasoned explanations about your changes or comments.

A few simple rules for this project:

  • inviting and…

➽ 7-Go Books :

☞ A repo containing links for many books about Nodejs, Angular2, Agile, Clean Code, Docker, Golang, Microservices, REST, TDD, BDD, and Startups

GitHub logo yejg2017 / Go-Books

Books about Nodejs, Angular2, Agile, Clean Code, Docker, Golang, Microservices, REST, TDD, BDD, and Startups.


Books about Nodejs, Angular2, Agile, Clean Code, Docker, Golang, Microservices, REST, TDD, BDD, and Startups.

Table of contents

topic book
agile-software-development jenkins-the-definitive-guide.pdf
agile-software-development Continuous Delivery.pdf
agile-software-development Agile Estimating and Planning.pdf
agile-software-development Art of Agile Development.pdf
angular2 become-ninja-angular2.pdf
angular2 angular-2-test-driven-development-2nd.pdf
apis Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET.pdf
concurrency Java Concurrency in Practice.pdf
concurrency concurrent_programming_on_windows.pdf
concurrency Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET.pdf
dev-ops learning-continuous-integration-jenkins.epub
dev-ops devops-2-1-toolkit-deploying-monitoring.pdf
dev-ops pro-continuous-delivery-jenkins-2.pdf
dev-ops Kubernetes-Microservices with Docker.pdf
dev-ops mastering-kubernetes.epub
dev-ops getting-started-kubernetes-2nd.pdf
dev-ops mastering-kubernetes.pdf
dev-ops getting-started-kubernetes-2nd.epub
docker using-docker.pdf
docker docker-in-practice.pdf
docker api-driven-devops.pdf
docker docker-in-action.pdf
docker native-docker-clustering-swarm.pdf
docker docker-bootcamp.pdf
docker docker-orchestration.pdf
docker docker-cookbook-solutions-examples.pdf
docker devops-2-0-toolkit.pdf
docker pro-docker.pdf
docker the-docker-book.pdf
elasticsearch elasticsearch.pdf
express express-in-action.pdf
express Mastering Web Application Development with Express.pdf
express RESTful Web API Design with Node.js.pdf
express Learning Single-page Web Application Development.pdf
express Web Development with Node and Express.pdf
express Pro Express.js.pdf
express Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js.pdf
express Pro REST API Development with Node.js.pdf
git proGit.pdf

➽ 8-Design Patterns Playground :

☞ A repo containing implementations for most common design patterns written in JavaScript.
☞ These examples follow Head First Design Patterns Book.

GitHub logo mu-majid / design-patterns-playground

Implementing design patterns in typescript, following Head First book series on design patterns.

Basic Implementation of design patterns:

These implementations were made in typescript, following these videos on youtube..

And this pdf is my personal notes taken from Head First series book on design patterns

➽ 9-Computer Science Path:

☞ Path to free self-taught education in Computer Science.

GitHub logo ossu / computer-science

🎓 Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

Open Source Society University (OSSU)

Open Source Society University

Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science

Awesome Open Source Society University - Computer Science



The OSSU curriculum is a complete education in computer science using online materials It's not merely for career training or professional development It's for those who want a proper, well-rounded grounding in concepts fundamental to all computing disciplines, and for those who have the discipline, will, and (most importantly!) good habits to obtain this education largely on their own, but with support from a worldwide community of fellow learners.

It is designed according to the degree requirements of undergraduate computer science majors, minus general education (non-CS) requirements as it is assumed most of the people following this curriculum are already educated outside the field of CS. The courses themselves are among the very best in the world, often coming from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc., but specifically chosen to…

➽ 10- 30 Seconds f Code :

☞ Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs

GitHub logo 30-seconds / 30-seconds-of-code

Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs


30 seconds of code

Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs

  • Visit our website to view our snippet collection.
  • Use the Search page to find snippets that suit your needs. You can search by name, tag, language or using a snippet's description. Just start typing a term and see what comes up.
  • Browse the JavaScript Snippet collection to see all the snippets in this project or click individual tags at the top of the same page to narrow down your search to a specific tag.
  • Click on each snippet card to view the whole snippet, including code, explanation and examples.
  • You can use the button at the bottom of a snippet card to copy the code to clipboard.
  • If you like the project, give it a star. It means a lot to the people maintaining it.

Want to contribute?

  • If you want to help us improve, take a…

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