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Discussion on: What Makes an Environment Inclusive?

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Aidan Harding

I think your comment about getting balance in the room is an under-appreciated one. Inclusivity is about more than just sex/race/religion/etc. It's also about people's nature i.e. introverts vs. extroverts.

As a way of making sure that the more introvert inclined people can still contribute their valuable insights, I make sure that we circulate topics for a meeting ahead of time. This gives time for the people who think best in a quiet room to do so. Then, I can chair the meeting in such a way as to invite people to speak, so that it's not just the loudest voices who get heard.

Without this, it's easy to end up only hearing from those who are good at thinking on their feet and voicing their opinions. In reality, there are important contributions waiting to be found, and self-confidence to be built.

The loud voices scenario seems to typify the "bro" culture that development can end up being, and that is toxic to all kinds of inclusivity.

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Kim Arnett  Author

My favorite idea around building a team was creating an ecosystem -- you need all kinds of types who rely on each other to make it work. Idea stolen from Kerri Miller -@kerrizor

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