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Section 3.4 - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide

This series is intended to be a personal study guide. Information may not be comprehensive or accurate. I am sharing it in case others find it useful. Please feel free to comment if any information is inaccurate.

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3.4 Identify resources for technology support

Recognize there is documentation (best practices, whitepapers, Knowledge Center, forums, blogs)

Identify the various levels and scope of AWS support

  • AWS Abuse - AWS will report suspected abuse activity to the account's security contact
  • AWS support cases
    • Create support cases through the Management Console to get help with issues
    • Account and billing
    • Service limit increase
    • Technical support
  • Premium support
    • Developer - testing and early development
    • Business - production workloads
    • Enterprise On-Ramp - mission-critical production workloads with consultation
    • Enterprise - mission-critical production workloads with consultation and automated health management
  • Technical Account Managers
    • Technical point of contact
    • Helps plan and build solutions using best practices
    • Coordinates access to subject matter experts
    • Assists with case management
    • Presents insights and recommendations on your AWS spend workload optimization, and event management
    • Proactively keeps your AWS environment healthy

Recognize there is a partner network (marketplace, third-party) including Independent Software Vendors and System Integrators

  • AWS Marketplace - third party solutions across a variety of service categories
  • Independent Software Vendors - businesses providing SaaS hosted on AWS
  • System Integrators - assist businesses with integrating their current systems with AWS

Identify sources of AWS technical assistance and knowledge including professional services, solution architects, training and certification, and the Amazon Partner Network

  • Professional Services - deliver targeted guidance through best practices, frameworks, tools, and services across solution, technology, and industry subject areas
  • Solutions Architects - work with clients to design solutions
  • Training and certification - learning materials and certification exams in a variety of domains
  • Amazon Partner Network - global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings

Identify the benefits of using AWS Trusted Advisor

  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Cost optimization - save cost with actionable recommendations
  • Performance tuning - improve the performance of your services with actionable recommendations
  • Security improvement - improve the security of your AWS environment by suggesting foundational security best practices curated by security experts
  • Fault tolerance - improve the reliability of your services
  • Service quotas - will notify you once you reach more than 80% of a service quota

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