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What's the GNU?

I may not explain this, because I new in the GNU community(Joined at the beginning of 2021) I believe I'm may not professional to explain this.

There may need more time in my career to learn which I mean to feel as if it had happened to oneself.

But please kindly read this blog was written by Richard M. Stallman. This article is a standard answer to this question.

So, if I spend all my career on the GNU projects, I believe is ok for me. I do not like competition and want more freedom, freedom is pressing, if there some example I can show, like Attack on Titan.

Software and the internet should be free(freedom) for all people.

Why we need to know or learn the GNU projects?

The story is too long I guess. If I remember right that while I deal with the issue some like

As we know, sometimes we need to get deeper to make clear what's wrong, for example:

We need to make clear in every step below the picture to get more detail to solve the issue.

Alt Text

So, we may need some tools on GNU Linux operator system, for example:

  • htop
  • strace
  • lsof

And these tools can work together to help us find what's wrong with the basic environment.

Finally, I found there many things I need to learn that all come from GNU. As an engineer, we not only design and implement the code but need to solve the problems we meet. And I have too much confusion:

  • What's is the GNU?
  • Why so many tools and packages own by GNU?
  • Why no one introduces it whatever in the software and cloud-native industry?
  • How about the relationships between GNU and Linux?

And I did many searches about GNU and interested in GNU due to a blog below:

I do not totally agree with the all contents of the blog, but I'm an open-source software engineer in the cloud-native industry. I saw too many people jump into this industry and bring too much no necessary competition and base environment upgrade.

And I see there is not exist curiosities but only selfishness and desire.

So, I begin to think:

  • What means of my want to join into open-source as a contributor, collaborator, and maintainer?
  • What my motivation?
  • Did I realize the value of open-source?
  • What's right and wrong?

Finally, I realize that I love freedom software and I wanna learn more to meet my curiosity. so, this can explain all things I did until now. And the open-source projects can give us more practice situations to solve the issues we won't meet in daily work and collaborate with other people online.

The internet changed the way people interact, but society keeps the legacy way to keep distinct between the different classes of people.


The coverage photos were done by myself fewer years ago on my garden, and the tree no longer exists now.

The relationship between GNU and Linux

Helping the GNU Project blog:

I will talk more about the project which I as the maintainer,GNU Hurd

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