Laravel Vuejs or Laravel Angular

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Hello to all, I am going to build SPA and I need to know:
Laravel Vuejs or Laravel Angular?
Please suggest.

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Thank you.

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Don't know about Laravel and the web is full of "vue vs angular" comparisons (some useful, some less so). Vue's documentation has a comparison as well: vuejs.org/v2/guide/comparison.html...

If you don't have external constraints (colleagues, specific components you must use and so on) you should probably go through a bit of documentation for both and see which one you prefer...

Back when I was trying to choose I found Angular over engineered and React too complicated and I settled for Vue but you might come to different conclusions.


Laravel uses Vue in most (if not all) of their own UI components, so it is a more "natural" fit than Angular. I haven't worked much with Angular, but I will agree with the sentiment that it is often too over-engineered for many tasks. That's perfectly fine; it is a framework created explicitly for SPAs, but it does introduce a lot of overhead that may not be worth it for small-to-medium size projects. Vue, on the other hand, really shines with its component-based approach and single-file views. While Angular starts with the assumption that it is the entirety of your front-end, Vue comes in assuming it is just part of your front end and leaves the rest alone, while providing facilities if you do want it to be your entire front end. The fact that it's written in pure ES6 may also be a selling point for Vue, and you don't actually need any build process like Webpack for it to work, unlike Angular and Typescript.


In that case it's really your preference. I'd use what you are more experienced with. If you don't need an SPA, I'd def go with vuejs as it integrates well with blade etc.


I'm learning both Laravel and Vue.js, as those two work really well together, so those two would be my picks.

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