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Laravel Jetstream vs Breeze vs Laravel/ui

In this tutorial we will discuss about jetstream, Breeze and Laravel/ui package and We will see how they are different from each other.

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What is Jetstream??

Jetstream is not a package or administration dashboard that you will update in the future. It is a starter kit scaffolding for laravel and after installation the templates are yours to maintain. Now you can modified according to your requirement. The authentication portion of jetstream is powered by laravel fortify.

Use Jetstream if:

1.You're familiar with Laravel Livewire, Inertia and Tailwind, or
don't mind spending time learning them and;
2.You want immediately start building the core functionality of
your app without investing much time in boilerplate.

What is Laravel/ui??

if you want to use laravel 8 with vue or react you can use it with laravel/ui package . I believe you already know about laravel/ui package. It provides a quick way to scaffold all of the routes and views you need for authentication and includes preset for Vue or React with bootstrap.

When to use Laravel/ui:

1 . You want to use vuejs , reactjs and bootstarp in your

What is Breeze??

Laravel Breeze is small version of jetstream which provides you Auth system with laravel blade and Tailwind css. Laravel Breeze is the latest scaffold package released, offering a more up-to-date version of laravel/ui. It provides the same authentication functionality as laravel/ui, but uses Tailwind instead of Bootstrap, and does not include presets for Vue or React.
Breeze does not use Fortify under the hood, but instead publishes controllers to your app so they're easier to modify (like the laravel/ui package).

When to use Breeze:

  1. You just want a more up-to-date laravel/ui.
  2. You'd like to modify the authentication functionality of your app quickly.
  3. You're building an app from the ground up that doesn't requires the features that Fortify or Jetstream provide.

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dramaticbean profile image

Where does Sanctum fits in all this? I have been making a side project where Laravel and React are in different directories and I had problems understanding the difference between Passport and Sanctum

nathanheffley profile image
Nathan Heffley

Sanctum is a package to make it easy to authenticate stateless requests, specifically for API's using tokens, and/or for SPA authentication without mucking around with JWT tokens.

It is something you could install alongside Breeze (especially if you are only using it for API tokens most likely) or if you are using it for SPA authentication it could be installed on its own. The docs are really good and we're just revamped for devs new to Laravel:

Passport is a totally different beast. It provides your users a way to connect to it app using OAuth, which is almost certainly not how you want your users to connect to your API when using a first-party SPA (although there's nothing wrong with that if you really want to go that way). The Passport docs even have a section discussing Passport vs Sanctum:

sahilofficial671 profile image
Sahil Bhatia

Passport: --
Passport is for oAuth2 basically
Ex: like if you have seen any other application like "DEV" in which we are currently commenting if you click signup with GitHub it will take you to GitHub oAuth page where "Dev" with be authorize with a authentication token for nearly 1 year or so. So these releasing token for other application is can be done by Passport package in Laravel. (You can see github login in many other applications like, Gitlab, etc.)

Sanctum: --
Sanctum is just for like having Laravel's cookie based authentication for API's which we already have for browser. It can be done with the help of laravel/ui, Fortify.

-- Conclusion: --
If you need token for single mobile app or SPA you should use Sanctum and if you need for more than one application like you should use Passport

babyluke0 profile image

i think no diff laravel ui or breeze except the css framework, else you can impement any function to your packages
i want to thank you How you explain passport and sanctum sir i was looking for this explaination for long

islamyearul profile image
Md Yearul Islam

I appreciate your short definition. can you please definite Breeze Jetstream?