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What is the missing part of vim ?

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I'm part-time vim user for a long time. I did use vim for full time for few months as well.

If you consider, other text-editor or plugin, I'm a full-time vim user for sure. (I have been using,, for a long time).

I did enjoy and


What are the missing part of vim. I mean, due to lack of

  • Knowledge
  • Practice
  • Understanding
  • Plugin


Do comment your thoughts.

Note:- I miss search functionlity in vim due to proper knowledge. Please suggest some links to tutorial/plugin for doing a fantastic search experience in vim.

Update: On 12-April-2020
I switched to It comes with various functionality including fzf integrated properly. Search is a cake of pie for me now. I love reading their docs in github.

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Noah Summers

Check out Plug (extremely simple plugin manager) and FZF.vim. Both are easy to set up. I have two primary hotkeys I use: "fuzzy search for a file by name" and "fuzzy search for a file by content". I have variations on those for opening in the current tab or a new tab. I use them both constantly, and I've found it to be much more practical than ctags or language servers for navigating some utterly massive Rails codebases (you might think it would be slow, but the recursive content search results update as fast as I type, even with binary files and other noise cluttering the search).

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Ajeeb.K.P Author

Thanks. I will check that.

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João Veiga

How do you search in vim? Files and file contents I mean.

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Alexandre Jacques

If you're inside a file, just /<search query>. You can configure the behaviour of hi-lighting results, case sensitive/insensitive search, etc. via .vimrc.

For searching in files, you can use :grep or :vimgrep.

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Ajeeb.K.P Author

To be frank, I don't search in vim (very cruel, lazy man. Not invested time to learn it.).
Instead, I use grep from terminal (I use terminator, so Ctrl+Shift+E or Ctrl+Shift+O). Or open Sublime, VSCode to search alone. I don't think, it's normal. I heard many people talks about ripgrep, ag, etc. Didn't invest much time.