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My Machine Learning Journey

I have been a python developer for about 2 years now I've dabbled from the basics to writing functions, working with frameworks like Django and flask also building APIs with the Django rest framework and I finally decided to go into machine learning/Data science yeah machine learning or data science people believe that the two fields are different they are not actually they are interwoven machine learning has some data science in it likewise data science has some machine learning in it just that data science deals with more data than machine learning models.

How did I begin the journey

Just like anyone else I did a lot of research, read tons of articles, watched a lot of videos I would suggest that start your journey by going through google's machine learning crash course then you can also check Udemy for some high rated machine learning courses Before I got into machine learning I thought it was a very complex field of computing it is actually hard but in the real sense like when you get into it you'll find out it's not that complex

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