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Setting up your computer for Data Science

Before you start this I'd recommend that you use Linux or the Macintosh operating system for data science as it a better option than using Microsoft Windows

  • Install Anaconda There's usually a controversy between using Anaconda or Pypi for data science based on experience and research I have found that Anaconda is a better option because virtual environments are built directly into it and its compatibility with R.
  • After downloading the file from the official website
  • Navigate to the directory
  • Run the installation with "bash " and follow the on-screen prompts

  • Install common python packages for Data Science
    For macOS or Linux anaconda's virtual environment is activated using the following command :
    conda activate
    and it is deactivated using the following command :
    conda deactivate

  • Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is a tool for doing interactive data science work in your browser. Jupyter notebook is activated in your bash terminal

  • Type the following command jupyter notebook . A browser window will open, showing the Juptyer environment. By default, you will be in a file browser view. In the file browser, find where you have a Jupyter notebook. If you don't have materials for a course or tutorial that you have downloaded, you can download this fun Jupyter notebook and then open it in the file browser. Click on one of the notebooks (*.ipynb) files to get started!

  • To stop Jupyter notebook:
    Ctrl+c is used to stop the Jupyter notebook server running on your machine.

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Matt Curcio

The total setup should have both Anaconda and R with RStudio. ;))

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