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Aws::S3::Errors:: fix with Travis-CI, Docker and AWS. [JUNE 2020 UPDATE]

DoCker! DOckER! dOCKer!

In my Last 6 months of consistent coding, I have discovered that with each phase of progress, there has always been an interesting Topic/Concept to look forward to in this journey. Few weeks ago, it was docker for me and ... voila!!! Here we are.

I have been following a docker course on Udemy (Docker and Kubernetes The Complete Guide), taught by Stephen Grider (an awesome teacher) for a while and this article tackles a problem I faced with deployment and how I solved It.

Before going forward, I will like to state that this is NOT an exposition into docker but rather an update to a very detailed article written by a tech brother (William Okafor). It will be focused on step 8 of his article. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Please do well to check out his article for an in-depth coverage of the Steps involved in building a CI/CD pipeline with Travis-CI, Docker and AWS.You can find a link to his amazing article below.

While toggling between my course, Williams' article, documentations and StackOverflow, I discovered that there is a breaking change in the secret_access_key syntax for the .travis-yml file.


Step 8: Back to React —
We need to update our .travis-yml file with the instructions for
deploying our code and then push to github.
Update yours with the following:

Alt Text

In the image above, the breaking change is in the secret_access_key prefixed by FIXME:.

Alt Text

Using the syntax above, I encountered the issue shown below.

Alt Text


The problem here is that you are assigning a plain text value to the secret_access_key. Some months ago, Travis rolled out additional changes to data processing, to prevent the accidental exposure of these secrets.

Previously, this configuration worked because Travis was passing through values whenever the decrpytion failed.


Based on this, Our new configuration is:

Alt Text

I hope this article has helped you to make sense of that error and like I earlier pointed out, William did a fantastic job in his article, this is basically an update to a changed synthax. Thanks for reading.

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