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How to improve your code: tips and reflections

In my experience I have learned, with difficulty and by imposing humility on my pride, that often one's code can be improved.

There are several ways to achieve the same result, some are much better, others are more context-appropriate.

Some advices:

  • Analyze the context and purpose

  • Take your time for analysis

  • It can help you write down on paper or represent the situation schematically

  • You have to be far-sighted in the solution, it will have to work even in 10 years with new technologies

  • Dividi et impera: granulate your code, simplify it into sub-tasks

  • Take breaks where you think about other things and then look at what you have written critically: "How or where can I improve?"

  • Compare yourself to other devs! When I am stuck, by exposing the problem I find the solution or I am provided with points of reflection.

  • Details matters: it is precisely the details that give that sense of quality; without these the evaluation could be good or very good, while paying attention to the details the evaluation will be excellent.

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Shubhendra Singh Chauhan • Edited

Great advice! 👏
Here's my addition to the list of your advice:

  • Use continuous code quality tool like DeepSource 😉